Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Turtle Baby

It seems like so long ago, but I used to be obsessed with turtles. When my son was a newborn, he reminded me of a turtle. For at least a year after that, I bought all kinds of turtle stuff: stuffed animals, baby toys, clothes, decorations, even a turtle kite. He was a turtle for his first halloween and had a turtle party for his first birthday. Somewhere along the line though, he outgrew his turtle phase.

When I saw this kit from Scraps by Andrea, I knew it was perfect to scrap some of the many baby pictures I have. I mean, just look at all those cute turtles! (Preview is linked to her store.)

I kind of miss that cute turtle baby.


Patti said...

I kind of miss him too, but I like the boy he is today!

Jill said...

I'm pretty sure I have this orginal kit... the turtles are just a little bit different, but of course still cute!