Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Book pages 1-5

Here are the first five pages (in order, starting at the top) of the baby book I am making for my son. The kit I'm using is a huge collaborative called Shine On.

Template by Marni Designs

Template by Janice

Template by Janice

Template by Janice

Template by Janice


Jill said...

I've downloaded parts of Shine On too.
By the way, good for you for giving credit. I use parts and pieces from so many things that I can't keep track of it :)
Your pages look great! Keep it up!

regular grandma said...

You are going to love digital scrapbooking. Does the program you are using allow you to add shadow, or mat the pictures? Is is just a drag and drop, or can you move elements on the page. I have so much fun each year doing a book of "Adventures with the Grandkids" I use the Creative Memories Story book creator, and love it. No mess!!

Patti said...

It's weird that you said "Grandma Gerrie." That doesn't sound right at all!
Loving it- keep going!!!!!